Thanks for visiting the new and improved web portal of Prophetic Voice Ministries. We have been spending the last few years seeking the Lord about our role and function in the Kingdom of God & Body of Christ. We now have clarity on our Divine Purpose. We have been planted and assigned to Detroit Metro the City of Light! Now we are discovering ways to fulfill the call to bring forth the Sound!

We strive to free the people of God from religious chains and mind sets. We spend most of our time with leaders sharpening our craft. Although we have prophesied to thousands and seen miracles beyond belief, still one the greatest challenges we face as modern prophets is to see the mind set of people changed. I’m convinced that NOTHING changes without a changing of the minds. To be truthful the mind is the hardest thing to change! It’s time we free people from what they think they know about God and how he really feels about us! St Paul the Apostle said, “we are transformed by the renewing of the mind…”

“The Son of God became man, so that the sons of men might become the sons of God!”
St. Athanasius 69 A.D.

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