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Published on: July 19, 2011

I have been writing four books over the last few years. A few months ago I felt very impressed to get them done. I finished my first one on the subject of the connection between manifesting the Divine Nature of Christ and our giving. I have been in talks with Bishop about his insight on the book. My father in law told me I should meet with a Publisher, Tate Publishing on my next trip to Oklahoma. I contacted them, and the acquisition manager told me to submit my manuscript. I felt good about the opportunity but never heard from them for weeks.
They called me back to set up an interview. I flew in to OKC and went straight to the publishing offices. It was quite an operation, extremely professional. I met with the president of the company, and the acquisition manager for about two and half hours. The meeting ended with a twenty-two page contract for me to sign! They said that they receive about 5000 manuscripts a month to go through, but less than 1% get offers. I was one of the 1%!
I will be assigned an editor, art manager, and even a marketing agent to promote the book.  The owner of the company told me that if he thought this book would only sell 5000 copies, he wouldn’t waste my time or his. I am excited to say the least. The contract requires me to pay 3,900.00 as a partner with Tate. Tate will then in turn put in 27,000.00 in services many including, printing, publishing, promoting, and selling. The book will be converted to digital download, and audio format.

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