Living in 3-D

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Published on: January 12, 2013

We will be blogging and posting podcasts on this subject. Be sure to check it out: Our natural eyes can not comprehend the full 3-D realm, without special glasses. Our natural MIND can not comprehend fully the reality of living this kind of life. This study is our passion to explore the possibilities of discovery of the REAL U.

So now we have the 3-D Man.
Created Man (Spiritual Being) The Image and Likeness in Fulness (The RealU) Perfected Self Awareness
Formed Man (Manifested Living Soul) The Image in Fulness and Likeness in Seed form or Infancy(The Manifested RealU – Conscience of Self)
Carnal Man (Fallen) Lost the Likeness – Never loses the Image in Fulness (The Illusion of the RealU – Identity with Self)

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