Divine Alignment

There has been a stirring in my spirit lately about a breakthrough coming. It’s hard to put into the words but it is not coming to us; but rather Through us! This morning I saw a safe, and I could see a hand turning the combination wheel. I knew this was the last spin, and[...]


Living in 3-D

We will be blogging and posting podcasts on this subject. Be sure to check it out: Our natural eyes can not comprehend the full 3-D realm, without special glasses. Our natural MIND can not comprehend fully the reality of living this kind of life. This study is our passion to explore the possibilities of discovery[...]


The You Dont Have to be a Jerk About it Clause~

I have been on this journey for now over 30 years. I don’t think that I have seen such a lack of commitment to aesthetics in my whole existence in spirituality. While there are many who are going through the process of change on the inside; the deconstruction process. There are others who are a huge turn off to those outside[...]


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