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One on One Skype

After much planning we are now pleased to offer these one on one services. Lately our training, life coaching, and leadership material has been quite successful. I consider it an honor to help you navigate life. My Bishop always used to tell me that, "Young men want to do exploits, but old men want to leave a legacy." I can tell you that I have arrived in this phase of my life. I thoroughly enjoy personal time with people.

It has been said by a great business friend of mine that every Fortune 500 company CEO has a personal coach / mentor. If they did not have someone to bounce ideas off of, stay transparent, and be accountable to, their lives would crumble under the pressure. I would love the opportunity to help in this small way for some. In all of my travels over the years I have noticed many Pastors do not have this relationship, and especially from a prophetic point of view. I am discovering that many businesses leaders and owners are in the same boat I am afraid. They are just out there winging it.

What others think:

Having been a full time pastor for over 20 years I have to say one of the turning points in the life of Crystalbrook Church was when by divine appointment I met Mark Marshall over 12 years ago.  I remember knowing in my heart that God wanted him and his team to come and minister.  God opened they door Mark came and our lives have never been the same.  Mark has been a true friend to me,  many times bringing encouragement,  other times strecthing me to think outside the box.  Mark is real, genuine, and has a wealth of wisdom and experience he is able to express in his own unique way.  I would encourage anyone to allow Mark to be a part of you life and ministry. 

Senior Pastor

Crystalbrook Church

Dick Drumeller

Prophet Mark,

I want you to know how much your teaching series', "Kingdom Leadership," and "Leading Difficult People," have helped me personally and in business.  You have given me tools on how to work with people to accomplish goals by understanding the value and type of influence that I have to help others go above and beyond their expectations.

I especially value greatly the "Leading Difficult People."  That has been a wonderful insight into not only understanding my personality but to understand my family, those whom I work with and who work for me.  What a tremendous tool for all walks of life. 

Thank you for taking the time to give us such wonderful life changing tools that when applied will bring peace and harmony in our homes, church and businesses.


Patty Fink  

Our Current Opportunities to Serve You:

Life coaching: We have been personally involved in many people's lives over the years. My idea of life coaching is to always be available, and bring a fresh perspective to your journey. Our desire is to help you in decision making, evaluating opportunities, and navigating personal growth and relationships.

Leadership Training: The last few years this has been the focal point of our purpose. We offer many faucets of Leadership Training to Churches, Non-Profits, and Business. We developed a Character Program that we implemented while I was a High School Football Coach. If you have a team under you, you deserve to continue your leadership development, and train those under you. I know how busy leaders are so I have offered this one on one time with you in mind. We can give you training and insight from years of training and research. The benefits to you are multiplied. Your people will thank you. We also get aquatinted with your style, and organization. We will tailor our material to your personal needs.

Mentoring: There seems to be a missing ingredient to people's lives. Our families have been fragmented over the years. Just two generations ago Grandparents were the Patriarch to our families, and a great sense of stability. But now with families in America breaking apart at 50%, there is a huge vacuum of fathering type mentoring. Mentoring is a lost art. I consider it a more long term commitment than Life coaching. I have over 30 years of life experience and service in ministry. The blessing is I am prepared and served in many fields and gifting's. Our desire is to continue our life of mentoring. We have mentors countless people, in life, ministry.

To Get Started:

1. You Need to Have SKYPE installed, and at least a microphone and speakers. A web cam would be preferred.

2. If you do not have SKYPE installed you can install it for free, and create a screen name.
Download and Install Skype for free!!!

3. Open Skype and add us to your friends list. Skype User Name: MentorsManna

4. Fill out Contact Form and request a meeting time. Click Here>


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