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Christological Musings from a 21st Century prophetic

On a journey to manifest the Divine Nature. Learning to not be limited by our thinking, and circumstances. So many are conditioned by their condition, we strive to go beyond the natural into the mystery of godliness and the supernatual realm.

Download The Cure of Blindness 29-09-2011 (21.34 MB)

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The Cure of Blindness

  • To be the Real U we are going to have to learn the danger of putting walls around our hearts. In these episodes we discuss the healthy boundaries needed to live in real freedom.

    This issue we discuss a different kind of wall. The one we build to live a safe protected life. I call this the closed mind syndrome. Living in walled communities, etc to protect our way of life and belief. The wall most comman to all is the one of a closed mind.

     The cure for blindness is acheived when we first look at the causes. Slactoma, Glaucoma, and Cataracts all play a part in our ability to acurately perceive the light.


    Keywords: blindness, carnal mind, the system, pharisees, sclatoma, glaucoma, cataracts, spiritual sight