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Christological Musings from a 21st Century prophetic

On a journey to manifest the Divine Nature. Learning to not be limited by our thinking, and circumstances. So many are conditioned by their condition, we strive to go beyond the natural into the mystery of godliness and the supernatual realm.

Download Walls and Fences 2 06-09-2011 (12.82 MB)

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Walls and Fences 2

  • Transparency and Vulnerability are not being weak and letting people run all over you.

    To be the Real U we are going to have to learn the danger of putting walls around our hearts. In these episodes we discuss the healthy boundaries needed to live in real freedom.

    It is hard to navigate to a level of trust. Trust in others to the level of sharing our true hearts with is a much needed thing in our facebook phony world we have created.


    Keywords: fences, boundaries, health, realU, transparency, vulnerability, divine you, love