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Christological Musings from a 21st Century prophetic

On a journey to manifest the Divine Nature. Learning to not be limited by our thinking, and circumstances. So many are conditioned by their condition, we strive to go beyond the natural into the mystery of godliness and the supernatual realm.

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  • I AM - A CSI
  • In Part 3 of the I AM Experience we continue our discovery of the manifestation of the Divine Nature. In this session we cover the idea of I AM a CSI or Crime Scene Investigator. It is difficult to see what the manifestation of Christ Conscienceness is, and even looks like; without first covering what it IS NOT!

    A good CSI will not only go back to the scene of the crime, but try to reconstruct the scene to give some clues as to what actually happened during the crime. The crime that was committed was the disobedient act of Adam. We journey to reconstruct the scene of the crime so as to figure out this 'who done it' to humanity.

    The aching question still remains...."Who told you that you were naked?" This question is yet to be answered!


    Keywords: I am, Divine Nature, Christ Conscience, theosis, living being, human doing