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Christological Musings from a 21st Century prophetic

On a journey to manifest the Divine Nature. Learning to not be limited by our thinking, and circumstances. So many are conditioned by their condition, we strive to go beyond the natural into the mystery of godliness and the supernatual realm.

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Forgetting Your Past

  • Forgetting Your Past
  • This episode we discuss the idea of actually stepping into our Divine Nature in the art of forgetting the past. I used to think there was no way God could forget, but I realized in fact it is an attribute of Gods Nature to FORGET!

    We have heard all of our lives that to err is human; and to forgive is Divine. But we discover that another step forward to that idea is to Forget is DIVINE! Many people say I will forgive, but I will never forget, but we are learning that what's behind you will blind you! I heard a voice from behind me...


    Keywords: Divine nature, forgiving, forgetting, regret, thinking free, the past, behind me,